Currently we have 37 EURO V and EURO VI units:

  • 30 Semi-Trailer trucks with mega Semi-Trailers
    (dimensions: l=13.62m, w=2.44m, h=3.05m)
  • 5 Semi-Trailer trucks with classic Semi-Trailers
    (dimensions: l=13.62m, w=2.44m, h=2.75m)
  • 2 van – express deliveries
    (dimensions: l=4m, w=2m, h=2.2m)

Apart from our own vehicles, we have contract with 10 dependable subcontractors so we have every day 85 trucks at our disposal.

All vehicles are equipped with navi system + real time tracking system, so you can track your shipement anytime.

All trailers have possibility to load from top/back goods up to 2,65m wide.

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